“Alex Kelly was only 21 years old when he died. Only a few minutes older when… He came back to
something resembling life.”

Dog of the Dead
Published by Scattered Comics Inc.
Writer:  Maxwell Shepherd
Artists:  Eli Beaird
Release Date:  February 2017

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Greetings and Salutations readers,

So, the boss fella came up and told me to guess what was going to happen on the website that I’d totally love. Obviously, my first instinct was that he was going to draw and post a picture of Caliber in a speedo.  After the initial shock and hint of annoyance managed to dissipate from his face enough to speak he told me I needed to start writing reviews on comics I read for the website. With a quick snort of disbelief and a quick “who the hell would want to listen to my crazy rambling?!” I shuffled off to my computer to plot.  I immediately knew what one I was going to grab first. From the mighty stack of “We really should read these and put them away before the stack starts resembling some sort of crazy hoard” I plucked a nifty little title from our Scattered family called “Dog of the Dead” Written by Maxwell Shepherd, and drawn by Eli Beaird. It’s a marvelous story inspired by Dawn the Dead and Homeward bound respectively. It’s a story of love, loss, brains, and the loyalty of dog for its owner. No matter the cost.

The story starts, like a lot of zombie related stories, with the main character(s) hiding behind a makeshift barricade from a zombie hoard. Unlike most zombie related stories the main human, AKA Alex, is quickly
bitten despite the noble attempts of the main canine, Boots. The story then follows Boots as she loyally follows her zombiefied owner as he shambles on from the city into the surrounding countryside. From
the start Boots can tell that her owner is different and for the most part seems to not even notice his helpful guardian angel. Through it all Boots is there making sure her human stays in relatively one piece.  She fights off a pack of wild dogs hoping for an easy meal in the form of a Zombie Alex and actually manage to get a small snack before being chased off by the badass that is Boots. Later in a strange turn of events Zombie Alex returns the favor when Boots finds herself in the sights of a very hungry human.  Showing that love between a person and their pet can persist, even in death. For better details on the specifics you should definitely pick up a copy from Amazon Here. This title can also be acquired at a participating comic book shop that might possibly be near you!

Eli brings his unique art style to Maxwell Shepherd’s awesome refreshing take on the Zombie genre. It’ll make you cry, cheer, and possibly (let’s not lie, it’s a solid probably) cry again. Like my feelings about
most comics I felt this one was over too quickly. Luckily as an interesting kind of special feature the book contains the complete original script at the end of the book. So if you’re like me and love any opportunity to read more into the writing that inspired the art and the situations present in the story and how the story changed, from the initial script to the final product then you should consider checking this out. As for the writing I did enjoy Maxwell Shepherd’s story I am always a big fan of black humor that is definitely prevalent in his work. While he has written some other things, this is his first title with Scattered Comics and I am definitely hoping this won’t be the last I see of his writing.  Be sure to check out Eli Beaird’s Patreon at Slim Stories

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-Maria B.

Raistlin loved it too…