I was walking in a comic shop and saw this cover.  It evoked images of one of my favorite comic heroes, Conan the Barbarian.  Depicting a barbarian esque woman with a giant axe, a wolf mask, standing on a battlefield (and bodies), covered in blood.  “I must buy this comic”, I thought to myself.  And by it I did, and I’m happy I did.  This, ladies and gentlemen is Ghost Wolf.

Ghost Wolf #1: “The Horde of Fangs”
Published by Amigo
Writer:  El Torres
Artists:  Juanfra MB
Release Date: May 2017

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“Hundreds of years have passed and the Ghost Wolf, the spirit sworn to protect and take revenge on the night horrors, is nowhere to be seen.  When some monsters suddenly awoken, a warrior; the woman called Mara, took the mantle of the ancient spirit.  But this happened some time ago… and an age of peace came.” -El Torres

Although I purchased this book thinking it would be a clone of Conan, I am happy to say it’s not.  Ghost wolf is more like a fantasy world with a violent superhero (a legacy hero in fact), protecting a tribe, granted abilities of a demigod.  Yes it’s dark fantasy, yes it’s violent, but the character and background are vastly different, and that my friends is a good thing.

Music and bardic arts are a big part of this story.  We’re greeted on the first page by a bardic spirit (Blind Bard), who’s song can chill and kill.  Then we meet at a dinner in a hall another bard, who becomes a main character himself.

The main plot of this issue is the introduction of a new cult of the Ghost Wolf.  Not connected to the actual main character Ghost Wolf, they worship the deity that grants the power, and they are out for blood.  They attack a military camp right out the gate, where we get some great art of some great and bloody dark fantasy violence.  The Legion was there as part of an agreement with the local Jarl, under his protection as different factions were working out trade agreements.  News of these attacks brings out the Ghost Wolf, Mara.

When the last survivor of the attack awakens in the Jarl’s home, he describes the attack, as well as the offenders.  There was one that had been with the Legion Mara and the Jarl were concerned about.  This lone survivor believed them to be dead, but Mara must see for herself, or kill every last one of the horde.  So she sets off to find them, epic battle ensues.

She carves her way to answers.  Answers she may not have wanted…

I’m trying not to spoil to much so I’ll stop there on the plot description.  My hope is you’ll pick it up and read it.  I loved the heck out of this book, and am headed to my friend;y local comic shop today to get the next couple issue, or comixology tonight if they are sold out.  The art is fantastic, and the story is exciting and grabbed me hard.  One thing I enjoyed was, this was a big comic, and nice long read, where as a lot of single issue “floppies” only take me about 10 minutes to read.

Ghost Wolf my not be for everybody.  It’s not kid friendly, with blood/violence/nudity, but if that’s your thing, you’ll enjoy this book.

Time for me to make a wolf mask! Till next time everyone, keep reading comics!

Shane Will