We’re updating our Patreon along with all aspects of CK Comics. We have a new look for some classic books, and a brand new website. is now a hub for all our books, webcomics we produce, comic news & reviews, and an online shop where everything is together under one roof. We hope you enjoy all these steps forward we’re making, and if you have suggestions let us know. We love to hear from you.

Our current tiers:
Showing Support
$1 or more per month
This level you get the warm fuzzy in your heart, knowing you’re helping indie comics get made.

Our Special Thank You
$5 or more per month
A $5 a month pledge gets you a special “Thank You” on our CK Comics website.

Previews and Digital Copies
$10 or more per months
When you pledge this much, your name will be listed in our “Thank You” section on our website, and as weekly email from me talking about everything going on with CK, and exclusive looks at the pages worked on that week. Also, you will get a digital copy of the latest print release from CK Comics.

Print Copies & Website Content
Pledge $20 or more per month
With this pledge you will get a physical copy of the latest CK Comic when it goes to print, as well everything in previous tiers. Also, each week you can suggest a comic for me to read and review for our website’s “Comics We’re Reading” section, and I will mention you in the review.