Today I finally sat down to read a book I’ve had in my collection for a while now.  I was scanning Facebook, and scrolled past a post by Kyrun Silva.  He was sharing art from a new book/series he’s working on and it hit me, “dang! I still need to catch up on Shaman’s Destiny“!  So once I was done eating my lunch, I pulled out issue one from its bag and board, got comfy in my chair, and gave it a read before getting back to work on my own books.  So here it my thoughts on Shaman’s Destiny #1 from Big Tree Comics.

Shaman’s Destiny #1:  The Enemy Of My Enemy
Published by Big Tree Comics
Writer:  Kyrun Silva
Artists:  Kyrun Silva
Release Date:  First Issue December 2013

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A man walking in the desert, trying to get home in time for a football game, a talking rabbit on his back.  This is our introduction to the world, this is our introduction to Malik (and Jeph, the rabbit).  Through a first page of narration we learn a bit of Malik’s background and how he thinks, and the layout of the page contributes to that well.  A splash depicting a slow, long walk, lighting emphasizing this man is probably hard core.  The narrative describing his struggle between his newfound destiny, and just wanting to be home doing something he enjoys.  We learn a little over a year ago he was chosen by Gaea the spirit of the earth, to protect the planet.

This first issue is a mix of narrative and combat (like any great comic book adventure), with the combat actually moving the narrative along.  Not just there for a cool page of fist fights and explosions.  It pushes the personalities of what appear to be the two main protagonists of the series Malik and Jeph.  Malik is unsure of himself and where he is going, wearing the word “Destiny” on his shoulders like a weight.  Jeph (the rabbit), is old and bitter (very old in fact, his age comes up in conversation and surprises everyone), seemingly more concerned with his stomach than anything else.  Jeph is Malik’s mentor, given that role by Gaea.  We don’t know why they have been traveling through Mexico, but for the story of this issue it’s the journey, not the reason that’s important.


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On this journey to get home (and find lunch), the duo are interrupted a few times by things like demons and zombies.  Things like this are drawn to Malik it appears, and when they meet it gets violent.  Although Kyrun’s art style seems reminiscent to 90’s American comics, his action and combat were clearly inspired by video games like the “Street Fighter” series, and this is a great combination.

There’s an interesting story going on here in this issue, that ends with questions that hook you into wanting more (getting my issue 2 when I finish writing this).  On it’s own, this issue is a pretty solid stand alone, but is clearly meant to be the beginning of a story arc.  So you can enjoy it by itself, but you won’t get a complete resolution.  But, it’s not meant to stand alone.  Shaman’s Destiny is a comic book episodic series, with each issue adding to the narrative.  And, if the rest is like issue #1, it will be a solid series.

So in the end, I would recommend Shaman’s Destiny #1 to you all out there.  A good fun read (like zombies shouting vegetables names instead of brains, yes there’s a reason), and some nice art make the complete package.

Till next time everyone, keep reading comic books!
-Shane Will