The VILLAIN has already won. He has already exacted his revenge on the heroes of Legend City. Galaxy, once called, The Champion of Legend City, is the only hero allowed to live. He returns after 5 years of exile to tell the villain that tonight is the night he will die. Villain is a tale of revenge. Villain tells the story of Matthew Ford on his quest to destroy the heroes of Legend City. After a bank robbery goes wrong, the heroes have to make a choice; save a group of hostages or get the bad guy. The heroes’ choices and actions set off a chain of events that forever clenches their fate and gives birth to their nemesis. Matthew carves a blood soaked path through the heroes on his quest for revenge and therefore becomes the ultimate SUPER VILLAIN.

Villain #1: Chapter One “The Beginning”
Published by Alpha Q Comics
Writer:  Nathan Gonzales
Artists:  Tobe Daranouvong
Inks:  Larry Haines

Release Date:  July 2013

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Greetings and salutations readers,

Yesterday’s review seems oh so long ago, but since my Caliber in a speedo suggestion continues to gain no traction from the Boss (not even Caliber in one of Katie’s signature outfits. You know he’d totally rock a miniskirt and heavily cut up Misfits shirt. Possibly a purple faux hawk). I suppose I should get down to some actual work. There were a few awesome looking first issues I wanted to get to chat about. After much consultation with my trusty administrative assistant feline, Raistlin. We finally decided to keep this Indie train a going with some good friends of ours. Today I am reviewing issue #1 of Alpha Q Comics main title Villain written by Nathan Gonzales with art by Tobe Daranouvong, and Larry Haines and edited by Shanda Daranouvong.

This book is based around a simple premise ‘What if the bad guy wins?’. As I get older there is always something nice about a book, movie, TV show, or comic book that takes the time to make their characters’ human and relatable. I believe Nathan did a great job from the onset. This was my first read of Chapter 1 and I’m sure I’ll be ransacking the house for the rest soon.

The story primarily takes place through flashbacks between “Then” and “Now”. It starts “Then” by showing glimpses just barely in frame of the main character suiting up while watching the news. A mass breakout at the penitentiary occurred and the cities best hope lies with their more spandex clad individuals (and I don’t mean bicyclists). In a total display of villainous showmanship, he blasts the TV while stating “I am a villain. A SUPER VILLAIN!”. As far as initial character intros go it’s pretty solid, but how will he watch TV now! I know revenge and building an empire on the bodies of dead superheroes can take up a lot of personal time but sometimes you just gotta chill and watch baking shows for a bit.  This story covers his first meeting as a masked vigilante with the Superhero named Galaxy who takes to this new ‘hero’ immediately. Galaxy gives our villain the superhero name of Alpha and invites him to possibly be part of the group. Flash forward to “Now” he sits in the penthouse office of Omega Corp, the fruits of his long planned revenge. as Galaxy returns from a long sabbatical of wandering the depths of space where he comes back to face the man he trusted. The man who betrayed him.  The coloring and style works well, the “Then” segments have a more grey scale look to them with a
purpleish tint. Giving those moments a kind of ‘rose tinted glasses’ type of feel. While the “Now” segments are in full, bright colors. Nathan’s writing is great and I look forward to reading more issues to see more of his great sense of humor.

For more details, I heavily suggest you roll on over to and get yourselves the first 5 issues. The Villain website uploads a new page in the story every Wednesday and once they print an issue they pull those pages from their website. The Website also carries a variety of origin stories on various characters for free.

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-Maria B.

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