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“What’s New In Comics”, our series on what’s new every week at your local comic shop.  Taped at Collectors Ink in Chico CA.  Below is the playlist with every episode.

CK Comics visits Collectors Ink comic shop in Chico Ca, and goes over the top picks for Comicfest 2017.  Video is in two parts.

The Existential Gentlemen perform the origin song of CK Comics character Horror Punk, as seen in “Caliber” #5.

“Monster Operatives”, a reality series that follows a covert team of monster hunters on their war with the creatures of the night. Now a comic book series under our CHAOTK FICTION label (find it with our webcomics).  Below is a playlist with all 20 episodes for your viewing pleasure.

Starring: Chad Ebbitt, Mario Magana, and Josh Check
Written/Produced/Directed by Shane Will

Video produced for the CK Comics panel at Chico-Con 2015. Featuring story and art from the line of comic books produced by CK Comics.  Introducing the new team book that debuted there, “Incursion”.